Monday, January 5, 2009

Well the new year looks great. The banks are in more trouble, the car companies are in trouble; in fact corporations all over the place cannot get credit and when they do they have to pay street value rather than a decent interest. The feds are lowering interest rates practically to zero just like Japan did througout the nineties and they had seventeen years of recession.. We are moving down the same path. In the old soviet union the comrades used to say: "nothing is ever more certain than when it has been officially denied." Sound familiar? I am even starting to hear abut central planning and that it will work here. Ha! Well , thinking outside the box has never been a politicians long suit. In fact their advice is about as valuable as a bucketr of warm spit. I don't know about you folks but I have never been willing to pick up nickels in front of a moving freight train. Well, almost never!The world seems to be flying by. My faith is always in Christ and that helps to make me just a little kinder and less concerned with who is right but what is right. My grandkids are smarter than the average bear and the technology feeds their minds and puts them at a great advantage. My kids are really in tune with the computer world. When my son and my son in laws get together it is like watching a foreign movie with no subtitles. I catch a word now and then. Ah well , ours was a different time and I liked it fine. I often think about how it was and it seems to me we had absolute values or at least we treated them that way and we felt the earth stir under our feet and and the days were worth living.
I often think about flowers and sunshine and crumpled leaves and an early morning mist. I think about lazy summer days and cold winters. It is as clear to me as fallen woman and great as a first kiss and a fond farwell. It is so much more even though we had less. Sometimes I feel like I have missed the last stair in the dark.

I remember my first experience with religious things. I wanted more out of life and I didn't think I had much to give. It worked out as I tripped thru this world; falling and picking myself up and with some desperation kept on in spite of my limitations. Then as Helen Keller said: "put your face to the sunshine and the shadows fall behind. " She was right, there is a double sunrise and those of us that find it are mighty fortunate indeed.

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