Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year 2009

Well 2008 has gone out choking and fussing and swallowing hard. We finally killed it off by giving a swift kick in its economic side. We were not content with that so we loaded up all of the disapointments, thefts, skullduggary, lies and threw them in with shame, dishonor and I didn't do it guys. They didn't die easy ,we had to throw dirt on top and than smack it down with low wages, lost jobs. low stock prices and inflation. Inflation almost done us in and we kept sitting on the coffin lid and eventually deflation took over and we nailed the coffin lid shut and shined up the head stone which read. Death by debt and exposure. John Q. Citizen.

Memo: The economic graveyard was full this year. It seems Wall Street, Main Street and I"ll be dammed street took up a lot of room. That left a few spots only for ticked off and not again who seem to have found out too late they were in the public cemetary. We buried them three high to save money and used illegal immigrant labor to build identical tombstones. We paid the workers with checks drawn on Washington Mutual Bank payble on December 31, 2008. There was a lot of complaints that the checks wern't any good but we had Hank Paulson the Treasury Secretary vouch for them. It seems the Mexican government lodged a formal complaint that the mexican illegal immigrants were arrested by immigation officers for impersonating american citizens and digging without a permit on american soil. The charges were dropped when it was found out the illegal immigrants were on the domestic staff of several Senators and congressmen. They denied it and broke for vacation. Everything was blamed on the high cost of living and the 2008 was finally finished.


  1. Ha! This is so funny yet, so very sad at the same time. Great writing!