Sunday, January 4, 2009

One dreams about so many things but the trick is to remember. More often than naught I dream and cant remember. Yet every once in a while I awake and it is so fresh in my mind I look beyond my self for understanding. A dream of life is to feel the road under your feet and hear the wind blowing across the meadow and wait for the sunlight to be just right. It comes with open arms just waiting to be received. It beckons all who will listen to the sounds and sites that are around us. It isn't far to the stream that flows gently or the barn sitting in a meadow with the sun shining on it. It is even closer to the Ravens cry and the meadowlark and to the startled ducks that fly off skimming over the land and water with wings fully spread . I always like to wake with the morning when all is still and to move my chair around on the porch folowing the sunlight. There is a cup of hot choclate in my hands and I sip it every so slowly to capture the taste and to feel the warmth of it on my hands. I watch every movement be it grass or trees or some bee with that sound that is not unfriendly. I hear a dog bark and there is more light coming and the air is crisp and my breathing is easy. A voice comes to me from the past and the words seem real as I remember getting my sister Pat laughing with me and her saying as only she could.
You dumb A** Maybe my sister expressed it that way because she loved me and couldn't say any other way. Well the morning breaks and the sounds change and there is more movement from the world. Motors start up and cars roar to life and the voices of others are resonating from many places. I arise then and return to get ready for the day. Just for a minute though I look back over the morning scene and tug on my hat just to say. Good Morning world and begin my day.

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  1. I love this! Thank you so much for doing this!!