Monday, January 5, 2009

I have decided to write in my blog again today. I know that I am running on but the works in my head seem to want come out. I think about people in the financial world and wonder where the real gold is. I think it is in a dusty corner somewhere called ethics and we have a host of people now who think it is entirely possible to pick up a cow pile by the clean end. I think about my sweetheart and how she she has transformed my life. I think about my faith and others faith and I am convinced that the helping hands we need are in each other. I try to work on the things we have in common and there is much there. A fellow by the name of Bill Bonner said: Sure it is comforting to have norman blood pressure or a normal cup of coffee or a normal nights sleep. But no one finds comfort in a normal divorce or a normal root canal or normal shouting match. I guess it's just load the wagon and dont worry about the mules.
I like the snow when it crunches under my feet. You know what the scriptures say; how beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of him who publisheth peace. I take great comfort in that since I have big feet. Heh! There is much going on in the world and I think about what Abraham Lincoln said: "Saying a cows tail is a fifth leg don't make it so"

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