Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I dont know who is reading this but I just write what comes to my mind. If that is a blog than I'm all over it. Well in todays world the idea of a moral compass may seem naive but let me try. All around us are the naysayers who brandish a stick of dual purpose. They hold to the rod as long as it is headed in their direction. Like a smorgasborg dinner they pick and choose, hardly waiting for the main course and never get the full effect of a superb meal. It allows them to have a decaying set of values with no absolutes. Family is distant to getting ahead and worrying about the other guy seems outdated and the "it's my life attitude" never takes into account those around them who may be in the bite of the line because of it.They fret about live and let live to the point they throw away century old and tried true principles and allow the social ills to become the norm. Because of this the America we know is slipping away.The great humanity of our people is watered down and the morals of the nation are down. The voices of reason are still out there but are being drowned out by popular names bent on destruction of all we hold dear.What are we to do is the by word. Some brave the storm and shout in the midst of the hurricane hoping the love of a good deed and a better way wont be drowned out. My hat is off to them. Look I'm an American by choice. I came her from Canada some forty years ago. To me it was the last bastion of free enterprize. Social engineering had not taken its toll and the rugged individualism was still stirring. The old idea of those that bit the hand that feeds them are doomed to lick the boots that kicks them was still wisdom. Any thinking man has always understood government was organized plunder. My Grandfather used to say when the legilature is in session we are all in peril. We the people still rings loud in my ear and it brings to mind the old czech proverb "Misfortune always comes in by the door that has been left open for them.This is a grat tragedy we now face. The politicians have left the door open and some Americans are starting to want a million dollar answer to a one dollar contribution.Here is why I am an American.I am an American because of the faces I see of brown, black, yellow, white and the in between.I am an American because of the beauty of this land and having travelled a lot of it found it to be breathtaking.
I am an American because of the freedom of choice and opportunities given a great people.
I am an American because the church bells ring and the prayers to the almighty are said in a large majority of homes and kept in their hearts.
I am an American because the laws we respect are worth keeping and the reign of the judges who are diluting them should be stopped period.
I am an American who loves to follow the advice of Abraham Lincoln. where we dont tear down another man's home but toil with our own hands and means to build our own.
I am an American in the morning, noon and night and love the flag of the United Sates and feel proud to see it flying.
I am an American who understands corruption but want to keep it away from the proven foundations we hold dear whatever the cost.
I am an American who rises each day in relative safety and I am willing to fight any nation or person who defiles that sanctity.
I am an American who stands for something and loves our constitution and gets upset with those who want to change it for a lessor document.
I am an American because right make might, thus I deplore those who keep trying to give our money away while attacking those who earn it.
I am an American who realizes the strength of the nation is in its people and defy those who keep trying to change its language borders and culture.
I am an American who believes in less government and finds more government than we can deal with. Subsidized everything is going on. Jim Cook calls it "The army of the entitled. It's a social mess that only the government could engineer" He is right The government makes allowances for everything; even spending their way to the poor house.
I am an American because of its past teachings and institutions and resent those who have taken over and allowed the inmates to run the asylum and their poluted ideas are weaking everything we hold dear.
I am an American becomes more than a saying , but means we must be of one mind and one heart when it comes to the well being of our nation. We must all shout from the rooftops "ENOUGH'
WE MUST ASK THE INTRUDERS TO LEAVE AND THE DESPOTS TO SHRIVEL AND THE SOCIAL ENGINEERS TO TAKE A HIKE. We must take back our nation from those who are taking away our rights an inch at a time. Standing up for America is the only way and to hell with Political Correctness and governemt beurocrats and politicians who break the law with impunity.Throw them in jail for what they are: Law breakers and corrupted officials.
Finally: Love America or leave it. To quote Will Rodgers: The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time congress meets.......

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