Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Showing Up People

The secret to happiness is different for everyone but the ingredients are all there for success if one wants to show up. Oh, I know I will be told there are handicaps and all sorts of human deficiencies and it is not a level playing field. However, the words I write are not for the people who have been born to privilege, not for those who have been gifted with the ability to restore and to retain and recall facts, words or situations at will. They have their challenges but they are not numbered amongst the people I speak about; at least not the majority of them. The people I write about come from poor circumstances, rich circumstances or from the great middle class but they all have one thing in common. Learning how to think and taking what thinking they have to a higher plain. They usually are almost there but it takes tremendous effort to find a place for themselves and then struggle not to be set aside or sifted out is a constant worry to them as others seem to come forth more qualified, more able, more noticeable. The showing up people are aware of their limitations and a great many of them are not willing to accept them and their energies are devoted to doing better. Some give in early and say, "What is the use?" Some stay with it for awhile but the frustration is more than some can stand and in the end, settle for less and even become invisible. Yet there are a vast number of them who know all these things and suffer setbacks, frustration, rejection, & ridicule which often accompanies their efforts. I have seen in my life where the lamps are burning late at night. Where the looks on their faces of disappointment when after studying, working and applying themselves, they fall short in spite of their efforts. They become discouraged as they look at the pages of the things they want to learn and find out after much effort and concentration it never seems to be enough. They are not slow, not without feeling all the emotions that come with hearing great masters of music, reading great books and finding such joy in them only not able to recall what they have done and read. It seems an elusive goal to them. Still they have ambition but it is difficult to help that ambition along when their memory and their ability seem to fail them. It is a hard thing they do but there are others who are well equipped, are their friends, stayed their friends and have been their friends over the rough spots, especially during the early years. Those friends should have special mention as they have made the difference by turning the light on for hundreds of thousands and in doing so made themselves a special place in heaven. Now to those who are the showing up folks I say, "Well done" and hope the words I say here add to your determination to keep on seeing things through. To those of you have given up showing up, try again and again and you will surprised at the difference that makes.

There are all kinds of theories and opinions as to why the ability to think, along with the brainpower, is given to some and not others. There are scores of ranges for testing our ability but in the end all have to admit it was the luck of the draw. The human spirit so many times demonstrates it is unstoppable and under the worst circumstances keeps going. If God is in the equation so much more is possible. There are those who will say to leave God out of it. I must say with all respect that is impossible. You may not believe but you cannot deny. You may not care but you can't ignore. If your truth will stand alone then so be it. Ours stands with God and we find comfort in knowing we are not alone; we are the showing up people.

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  1. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to read right now. Amazing thoughts. Thank you!