Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I awake each day refreshed

Sleep rubbed off by a night of peace;

The hour is early and I read.

A quiet time pushing past to present.

There are sounds just for the morning;

The scratch of a tree branch on the house;

The creaking and the rubbing of things;

Maybe my squeaky chair, a slight cough

Or is it that wonderful quiet.

A breeze sings through the open window;

My mind pauses on this or that and then,

Squanders its message for no reason,

And I just sit not caring and waiting.

Maybe it is just that any direction is fine;

Perhaps it's the warm cup of chocolate in my hand.

I sip and then sip again in complete satisfaction,

Just holding on and feeling well for the moment.

I see the cat slinking along the porch rail;

The dogs bark at something I can't see or hear;

I turn toward the sunrise and blink;

It's nice and warm and almost fuzzy.

There's a book on the table opened to a page;

It reads: "Fail your way to success."

I laugh and suck the jam off my fingers;

I hear my wife in the shower as the door bangs.

The sounds are beginning to be different;

The wind has come up and a train whistle

Sounds down the track to a given mile.

I await for the computer to warm up;

There's that funny connection sound

As I plug into the internet.

The headlines on the news are glaring

But far from sanitized or even worth reading.

The stock market is open and I check;

The stocks are down or at least mine are;

I think about that and doze off for few minutes.

I begin to stir for the new day begins;

I do my oblations, comb down my thinning hair;

I feed myself, the dogs, the cats and say prayers;

Kiss my wife good bye and stop for a moment.

I take a deep breath of fresh air as I step to the Jeep;

I'll be back tomorrow I promise myself,

And then feel that playful attitude comes over me;

I say just for fun: "Until then everybody out of the pool."


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