Friday, November 20, 2009

The Hill

I saw a hill and the cross in the distance;

There was no one on it or near it.

The silence crept over me and I listened;

I remembered the words

"King of the Jews," and I wept.

My heart never left the place;

My mind couldn't rest even for a minute.

I know so little about Jesus Christ;

But he knew so much about me.

So I pulled in all the light and the darkness faded;

Christ was now by the cross, hands outstretched.

I knew it was for all of us but I felt special just the same;

The feeling light had come and all would have access to it.

Now it was a signal to begin again;

It was a direction for the hesitant,

The shining hope of the most fractured heart.

Come follow me never meant so much.

Now the suffering is not over but we will go on;

The chains don't rattle as much when we're in the faith.

The purpose is clear and I'll stay with it to the end;

I'm heading home and taking my piece of the cross with me.


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