Sunday, June 27, 2010

Late at Night

Right the world and lay it out across the country;
Ask little, demand much, and fall down along the way;
Stretch out the hugs and delay the pain for a tougher time;
Pull up the stones of delay and wait for the call;
It will come with a wisp of hair and a touch of silence;
Return to better times and still your beating heart;
Much of the rain will give into the sun.

The look is over a web of faces attached to the closer people;
Shades of the past and glimpses of tomorrow hang on the mind;
Climb above them and listen to the better side but listen;
Great moments when even the slowest thought takes wings;
Stay loose and free and wise to the turning points given you.

I would gather up my hurts in a firm grip and toss them out
Before the wind is too strong and moves aside my protests;
Work it out and shut down the possessor;
He is drowning in self and leaving an empty room;
Full hearts are needed for each dark moment;
My reach is long for hope and short on despair.

Where are you now as the day shuts down?
Oh, you took time out and left me to my own thoughts.
Come on back, I miss you when you're gone so long;
I'll wait long past my patience and call out often;
I'll stay the course but my arms will be empty;
This time the darkness is heavy.


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