Friday, October 30, 2009

Special Things in 3's

Air so fresh and the scent of pine trees that are almost intoxicating

The smell of new mown hay in the barn

The smell of the ocean; a slight breeze drifting in.

Three sounds from my memory

The sound of a steam engine and its whistle

A partridge drumming its wings on a log in the wilderness

The loons' haunting sound and startled grace

Three tastes from my memory

Fresh baked bread with melting butter

Wild huckleberry jam on a bagel

Soft vanilla ice cream cone on a hot day

The smell of new mown hay.

The new mown hay is not a sweet smell nor is it rancid. It is the smell of a farm at its best.

The smell is floating in the air and both city and farm folk find it to their liking. Farm people who are used to the smell can stop on a trip and smell it from the road or the pond. It has its richest fragrance as it is stored in the barn. City folks just know it goes along with horses, cows and sheep. Ranch hands can smell it as they work in it and when they feed the animals and it is as natural to them as the air they breathe. One is reminded of kids with tossled hair laced with hay and a shoot of it sticking out of their mouths. It is home for the day and memories that last.

New mown hay brings folks together and young and old alike forget about weightier matters and get involved in having fun. 'Throw the horse over the fence some hay" say the Newfoundlanders. Why not; it is better than a lot of bull. The haying season is short in the north and when the last cut is done and stacked, one takes a deep breath and moves on. I always remember the smell of new mown hay for some time and when the moon is full I see haystacks and cut fields and a long Russell fence winding up into the woods. Everyone who has been around hay find it in their hair or somewhere. They bounced in it, rolled in it, played in it or worked in it to feed the critters. New mown hay, a clean smell working its way over a fence, under a tree, close to a pond or lake with easy breaths pushing it along to freshen up all who breathe in it. But wait! Hay fever and allergies have some folks scrambling for their inhalers. Yep! But breathe easy, folks, and don't let yourself miss the fiddlers and the barn dancing. The drinks are on the house. Admission is free and hey, who needs grass anyway?


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